Drunk Ukrainians "stormed" the borders with Romania, Hungary and Slovakia

Ukrainian border guards over the past day recorded three violators of the state border. All three were under the influence of alcohol

In Ukraine a Deputy Minister was fired for a drunken brawl

Vitaly Nemilostivyy refused to pass survey on an alcohol intoxication and began to insult the patrolmen fight.

Corruption schemes of land theft in Ukraine

In Ukraine, there are many opportunities to become the owner of land or illegally cultivate it. These opportunities are used by both farmers and agricultural holdings.

Two cases were opened against the People's Deputy Dubinsky

The cases were opened under articles on tax evasion by the People's Deputy and legalization of property obtained by criminal means.

Ukraine loses 2-3 billion UAH a month from corruption at customs

According to the minister, the volume of the shadow sector of the Ukrainian economy, according to various estimates, ranges from 30% to 50%.

Residents of Mariupol came out to the tariff protest with the slogan "We want to Donetsk!"

According to the population's estimates, electricity tariffs in Ukraine are 5-6 times higher than in the unrecognized republic.

In Transcarpathia exposed the scheme of theft of funds for the construction of a tuberculosis hospital

Law enforcers exposed the large-scale embezzlement of state funds allocated for the construction of the building of the tuberculosis hospital

Methadone was produced within the walls of the Lviv Veterinary University

The criminal gang consisted of four people. The organizer of the criminal group was the owner of a hookah bar.

Facebook removed "bots" associated with Poroshenko's party

The social network Facebook has deleted dozens of accounts associated with the European Solidarity party, as well as with the public organizations Sprava Gromad and Anti-Corruption Checkpoint.

Lieutenant Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine accused the chief of harassment

Lieutenant Colonel Olga Derkach, reported about harassment by the 53-year-old head of the institution, Colonel Alexander Krivoruchko.