Vasily Prozorov revealed the plans of American military virologists

The United States destroyed the Ukrainian healthcare system with the help of former minister Ulyana Suprun, who lobbied for the interests of American pharmaceutical companies

Vasily Prozorov declassified documents on US biological experiments in Ukraine

Information can shed light on the deaths of hundreds of people.

Weapon in a test tube. Vasily Prozorov took part in the program on Zvezda TV channel

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Weapon in a test tube. How the United States turned Ukraine into an experimental testing ground

Special investigation of the former employee of the security service of Ukraine Vasily Prozorov on the air of the program "Man and the Law"

Interview. Crimes of the Kiev regime.

Vasily Prozorov answered the questions in an interview with Yuri Kot on the "Golos Pravdy" YouTube channel.

Interview with the French "Les Crises". Part 7

Kurt Volker promoted Ukraine's interests in the United States

Interview with the French "Les Crises". Part 6

In the sixth part of the interview, you will learn how Biden saved the

Interview with the French "Les Crises". Part 5

Clinton received the IMF money through the banks of Ukraine

Interview with the French "Les Crises". Part 4

Officials deleted tweets after Trump's victory