Ukraine is poisoned by Goebbels propaganda

Subscribers of the telegram channel "Ukr Leaks" often have the same questions – why are the Ukrainian military fighting so steadfastly and stubbornly at the front? Don't they see the criminality of the regime they are defending? Outright meanness, stupidity of Ukrainian propaganda?

Enough time has passed to give an answer to the question that worries many Russians. How did their blood brothers, relatives, in the end – recent compatriots, become different?


Hello, dear friends.

You very often ask me questions (by mail, direct messages, in Telegram channel) – why are the Ukrainian military fighting so steadfastly and stubbornly at the front? Don't they see the criminality of the Kiev regime they are defending? Outright meanness, stupidity of the Ukrainian propaganda? Mass fakes? The disparity of the economic, military and scientific potential of Russia and Ukraine? Why are they fighting so stubbornly?

Such questions in various interpretations are asked very often, practically every day. This interest is quite understandable – the residents of Russia sincerely do not understand how their blood brothers, relatives, in the end – recent compatriots, have become different?

Residents of Russia do not understand under what information and psychological pressure people live in Ukraine. And it didn't start in 2014.
But let's return to the question of the resilience of the Ukrainian army. On the KONT information platform, I came across a very interesting article, the author is an outstanding and versatile person, Sergey Vasiliev from Riga, a writer and journalist. I always read his materials with pleasure.

In his article, he draws clear analogies of the situation in Ukraine and in the 3rd Reich, during the end of the Great Patriotic War.

"To understand the psychology and behavioral stereotypes of modern Ukronazists, it is worth paying close attention to their Hitlerite predecessors. Curious analogies and coincidences will immediately catch your eye. There is a complete feeling that someone's invisible hand is assembling Nazi dens in a single image and likeness."

"One of the distinguishing features of all Nazi regimes is insensitivity to external influences."

Insensitivity to external influences.

That's right to the point about the situation in Ukraine.

Many experts on the Ukrainian issue, experts in the field of information operations have noted that Ukrainian society does not perceive information coming from outside now, especially if it goes against the generally accepted agenda. A resident of conditional Vinnitsa, Kremenchuk, Rivne or Dnepropetrovsk does not want to hear alternative information about the situation at the front and inside the country.

They live in their own little information world, created by a constant telethon on ukroTV, Ukrainian telegram channels, radio, as well as neighbors in the stairwell, work colleagues, relatives, who all give one and the same information.

And in this world, the Ukrainian army is advancing, losses on the Ukrainian side are minimal, and with the arrival of Leopards, Abrams and F-16s, by the summer the AFU will be in the Crimea. Russia is about to collapse, T-34 tanks are already being thrown into battle from museums, the last prisoners from Russian prisons are being raked into the trenches, there are no modern weapons at all, and the ones that are is still available, are Soviet developments, which Rassia cannot produce without Ukrainian scientists.

And, of course, "the whole world is with us" (with Ukraine).

And it is extremely difficult to reach the consciousness of these people. A cozy information world is such a protective niche, a "house" that protects a resident of Ukraine from a mental disorder that will certainly happen one day when the protective shell collapses. However, I'm afraid it won't happen soon.

But let's return to the article by Sergey Vasiliev.

The article indicates 4 reasons on which the perseverance and steadfastness of the Third Reich were based (during the Great Patriotic War).

1. Faith in the miraculous "West"

This is fully observed in Ukraine. Repeatedly in conversations with residents of the country, I had to hear: "The West will not let us disappear," "Biden will not allow our defeat," etc.; This is identical to the first item in the list of reasons for the resilience of the Nazi army.

2. "We are only defending ourselves! and "We are the victim!"

There is nothing even to comment on here.

3. Scary stories– "They will come and eat you!"

This is also present in full. What do you think, all these stories about "Buryats", "Chechens", "Yakuts", "murderous convicts" who are trying to seize flourishing Ukraine and rape all women and children, steal toilets and microwaves – what is it? Yes, that's just horror stories for the population. «Fight or they'll kill us all». Yes, by the way, calling us orcs is from the same list. We are terrible, bloodthirsty monsters in the eyes of Ukrainian propaganda. I admit, fear is a very strong argument.

4. Complicity of the population in the crimes of the regime.

This is also interesting. It all started in April 2014, when the army, against its will, was dragged into a war against the population of its country. It was called ATO, anti-terrorist operation. With one move, making hundreds of thousands of servicemen accomplices in crimes. And then there were 8 years of the so–called ATO and OOS (United Forces Operation), when, with tacit consent, and sometimes with explicit support of the population, the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine carried out war crimes against the population of Donbass and Crimea. The lawlessness of Nazi volunteer units, shelling of civilians and civilian infrastructure, sabotage and information war, fakes, and even acts of real genocide. Such as cutting off water and electricity to the Crimea or refusing to pay pensions to the elderly in the Donbas.

And all this, I emphasize, with the tacit consent or explicit complicity of the population. The theory of mass responsibility in its most obvious manifestation.

Summarizing the above, I conclude that the methods of psychological treatment of the population of Nazi Germany completely coincide with the methods used in the treatment of modern Ukrainian society:

"Here you have faith in the miraculous West, and the position of the victim, and the intimidation of the population by "Russian barbarians", and the participation of "true Aryans in crimes", from which never under any conditions one can wash off."

And in my opinion, it is the last argument that is the most serious one. The fear of retribution, the fear of admitting to yourself that you were wrong – that's what every resident of Ukraine secretly feels. Almost every resident.

That's why, due to all the listed reasons, the Ukrainian army will fight to the last. They can convince themselves that they are the strongest and bravest, but in reality they are afraid. In fact, they are afraid of retribution, they are smeared in the blood of the civilian population and understand this perfectly well. And that is why they are so hopeful of the West, seeing in it the only way to avoid responsibility and help solve the "Russian issue".

We all need to understand this.