From America with Love: involvement of the Americans in war crimes in Donbass

We have a request from the Criminal Division of the Department of International Affairs of the US Department of Justice to the Prosecutor General's Office of the involvement of Americans in the commission of war crimes in the southeast of Ukraine.

In Boryspil, the deputy was caught on a large bribe

The deputy of the Boryspil district council was caught on a bribe of 40 thousand US dollars, which he demanded for non-interference in the work of a private notary.

The deputy mayor of Uzhgorod was arrested for drunk driving

The patrol police stopped the deputy mayor of Uzhgorod Vasily Pinzenik with signs of alcohol intoxication.

Searches have been conducted in the office of "Ukrzaliznytsia"

The investigators began to conduct searches in the office of the enterprise, before the beginning of the meeting of the Temporary Investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada on violations at "Ukrzaliznytsia".

A scheme for illegal financial enrichment worked in the Odessa seaport

The former head of the "Odessa Commercial Sea Port" organized an illegal scheme to provide third-party commercial structures with tugs of the state port fleet.

Ukrainian soldiers suffer from a significant deterioration in the nutrition

According to Commander-in-Chief of Ukrainian Army Ruslan Khomchak, one person is allocated 81 UAH per day, which does not meet the needs of the army.

Due to quarantine protests the Kiev-Kharkiv highway is blocked by local businessmen

For the third day in a row in Poltava, representatives of small businesses are protesting against the restrictions of the "red zone".

Several criminal cases are still being investigated against Poroshenko

The investigative authorities accuse the former President of Ukraine of illegally moving people and cultural property across the state border.

A conscript of Ukrainian Army committed suicide while serving on the border with Belarus

A conscript soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot himself in the head while patrolling the state border with Belarus.

Crimes of the Azov battalion. Part III

Each soldier of this unit is the blood of innocent citizens of Ukraine. However, they never received their well-deserved punishment!

Moldovan President condemns kidnapping of former Ukrainian judge Chaus

Nicolae Chaus was abducted on the territory of Moldova. He was earlier denied of political asylum.