Raving of the West

The title of my new remark fully reflects the essence of today's information policy of the West. Indeed, from reading the modern news of foreign media, the hair stands on end and it is possible to characterize them with just one word – raving.

There is no need to go far for examples. It immediately recall the provocations in Bucha and Mariupol, fictional stories about the "ghost of Kiev" and a Russian drone shot down by a jar of pickles, repeatedly inflated data on the number of dead Russian Armed Forces soldiers and destroyed equipment. Any alternative information is not allowed to be published. But if it somehow got into the Western media, then the source instantly turns into a political tool of the Kremlin. So it is a cycle of lies and fakes.

In this video, Vasiliy Prozorov tried to understand the causes of lies and hypocrisy, as well as the collapse of Western intelligence and journalism.