The predictions of the Lugansk writer from 2007 come true

- A militiaman from Donetsk by the name of Girman shot down a Polish PT-91 Tvardy Tank in Rubezhnoye.

- German "Leopards" are crawling outside Rodakovo.

- The Baltic armies are battling against Donetsk and Lugansk and are covered by the US Air Force from the air.

All the events mentioned above are not front–line reports, but episodes from the book by Lugansk writer Gleb Bobrov "The Era of Stillbirths", written back in 2007.

It's amazing but Gleb Leonidovich in his work predicted the war in Ukraine to the smallest detail. Unfortunately, many of the things he described have come true. I am sure that the finale of this book will come true – the victory of Russian army over the external enemy.


Hello, dear friends.

Once again I reread one of my favourite works of fiction. And on one of the pages there was a phrase  about a Donetsk militiaman called Girman who, using a mortar, burns a modernized Polish tank PT-91 during combat action in Donbass.

This was in the book - Polish tanks in the Donbass.

And just recently, the Polish government announced that it plans to send PT-91 tanks to the AFU for combat actions in the Donbass.

And further in the book it goes even more harsh. I quote:

"Since 1943 there have been no box-like hearses weighing sixty tons with crosses on their bellies here..."

It’s about German "Leopard" tanks in the Donbass.

Deja vu?

These are lines from the book "The Era of the Stillborn" by Lugansk writer Gleb Leonidovich Bobrov.

What is most striking is that the book was written back in 2007, and first published in 2008. 6 years before Maidan. I myself read it for the first time in 2012. Long before the Maidan and subsequent events.

The author of the book, who passed  the Afghan war as a conscript infantryman, predicted the war in Ukraine to the smallest detail. You read it and it just gets scary from accurate guesses about the current events, starting from some tactical events to the geographic locations.

It is an honor for me to consider Gleb my friend.

We have known each other for many years. During one of our first meetings, of course, I asked about this book. Then Donbass was already burning, but no one could have thought about Western tanks.

The author told how hard the work on this book was for him. And at first many readers, critics, publishers perceived the book simply as another tabloid reading, fiction on the fashionable theme of alternative reality. Everything changed after the Maidan. And then many people became afraid, and they began to look at him with surprise and apprehension. Like, "How did you manage to predict all that?"

Now there is even more surprise and apprehension. After all, in the book, the collective West did not limit itself to the supply of equipment. In the book, contingents from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe are fighting in the Donbass against the militia of Lugansk and Donetsk, and the American Air Force is covering them from the air on F-16 planes and A-10 Thunderbolt attack aircrafts.

Today in Washington they say that they do not intend to supply Kiev with planes. But remember how not so long ago the same thing was said about tanks, MLRS and weapons capable of striking deep into the territory of the Russian Federation. But...let’s not succumb to panic. 

I will quote the lines from the book again:

"Looks like the old Soviet armored vehicles are running out. It’s fine, "comrades", we'll burn your new toys, too – don't worry."

So, following the logic of the events in the book, we'll see merrily burning "Leopards" by the slag heaps in Donbass. And the victory of the new army of Novorossiya.

Well, I also want to express my admiration to the author once again.

Go on, Leonidych, don't stop. I know you have plans to make films about this war.
This is a necessary and urgent matter. You can count on my help. Good luck to you!

And to the viewers I reccomend to read the book "The Era of the Stillborn" by Gleb Bobrov. You will be shocked.

My name is Vasily Prozorov.