US HIV research in Ukraine: New facets of the biolab scandal

Recently the Coordinator of the US National Security Council, John Kirby, admitted that US conducted biological research in Ukraine, which is now allegedly stopped. Simultaneously, USAID announces the search for a contractor to work in the field of HIV infections in Ukraine. Again, the population and military of Ukraine act as experimental rats.

But the most interesting thing is that at the same time a material was published in Politico, in which the US Deputy Secretary of Defense reports the need to modify the immune system of the US military to protect against certain "new threats". In the article, an ambiguous quote is given: "The Pentagon has come to the conclusion that for most pharma threats, the rule applies: offense is the best defense."

What threats do such studies pose and how does the US plan to open new bio testing grounds in Ukraine?

The answers are in the video.


Not so long ago, Washington recognized the presence of its biological laboratories in Ukraine. According to the Coordinator of the US National Security Council, John Kirby, "some research in the field of pandemic prevention" was conducted at the labs. Currently, "all research facilities have been vacated, their activities have been safely terminated," he stressed during a press conference. At the same time, Kirby claims that the United States allegedly did not conduct any military-biological developments in Ukraine. Moreover, the media reports on the export of bio-laboratory equipment to the territory of Poland and the Baltic States.

What can such an unexpected revelation mean? Will Washington really give up its beloved biological testing ground? The answer is unequivocal – no. The United States does not intend to reduce the activity of research in the military-biological sphere, but on the contrary – openly declare their large-scale build-up. And in a much more aggressive form.

A very interesting document, which casts doubt on the statements of John Kirby, has become public. This is an official appeal from the director of the Kiev representative office of CH2M  HILL, a key contractor of the Pentagon, David Smith, dated Dec. 6th, 2022 to the Ukrainian enterprises participating in the "Countering Especially Dangerous Pathogens in Ukraine" program. In this statement it is said about continuation of the US military-biological program in Ukraine and its goals are clarified, namely: continuation of the centralized collection of dangerous pathogens and epidemiological monitoring.

The development of military biological activity is reported directly on the website of the US Department of Defense. The article deals with the development of means to protect American servicemen from biological threats. Moreover, it is indicated that we are not talking about gas masks and protective suits, but specifically about specialized drugs that can protect and combat the consequences of bio-threats.

But the official Pentagon materials are as usual ornate, replete with formalism and lack of specifics. American magazine Politico expressed the same in much clearer language and clearly stated that according to the Pentagon, Russia and China are developing biological and chemical weapons from which the American military urgently needs protection.

Involuntarily, it suggests that the American propaganda machine acts like a dispatcher from the old program "rescue 911" – sorting through a set of template cards on which the order of actions is written. Now they have pulled out a card called "Colin Powell's test tube".

The Politico article is based on an interview with US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological Defense Ian Watson. An extremely non-public person by the way. Attempts to find some details about this official on the web do not lead to a significant result. So, the American specialist explained that the military department is moving away from the traditional scheme of developing measures to counter existing threats and is switching to the search for means of protection against perspective agents of weapons of mass destruction. The official name of this program can be roughly translated as "an improved approach to the development of medical countermeasures within the framework of the chemical and biological protection program." In the original, it looks like this.

Further, Mr. Watson began to openly intimidate the audience, noting the increasing likelihood of the use of WMD not only against American special forces from, as Watson put it, "local actors" like Syria and Iran, but warned that Russia and China could use chemical and biological weapons of a new generation on a global scale. What scared the Pentagon so much that the mysterious head of the American Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops openly says about the threat of the use of prohibited weapons?

I have been doing investigations in the field of military biological activities of the United States for quite a long time and the following conclusions come to mind.

Firstly, the speed at which an effective vaccine against the Covid-19 coronavirus was developed and mass-produced in Russia and China seriously puzzled Washington. In the USA, they are used to the idea of dominating in pharmaceutical industry. Watson does not hide that it was the pandemic that caused the need to revise the American strategy, which involves not only studying existing threats, but also predicting probable ones, as well as a detailed analysis of the ways and means of spreading infections and toxins.

And secondly, and this is already much scarier, the Pentagon, apparently, is beginning to prepare the world community for the fact that it is necessary to launch a preemptive strike. And if someone thinks that the US military department will be stopped by some ethical considerations or international agreements, you are deeply mistaken. The Americans still consider the nuclear bombing of Japan in 1945 quite acceptable. Not to mention the hated Russia and China.

But there is another statement made by the US Deputy Secretary of Defense, which suggests even more disturbing thoughts. When Watson moved from generalized horror stories to more specific areas of advanced Pentagon research, he, as if in passing, touched on the department's intentions to "modify the immune system of military personnel to protect against the widest possible range of viruses and toxins". At this point, you should pay close attention. I would like to remind you that modern medicine and pharmacology still cannot cope with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), to combat which billions of dollars are spent and thousands of specialists are working. It's even scary to imagine where the experiments of American military biologists will lead.

And in addition, you should ask yourself where and on whom such experiments will be conducted. And coincidentally, against the background of statements about a tectonic shift in strategic approaches to US military biological activities and reports on the withdrawal of biological laboratories from the territory of Ukraine, the American Agency for International Development, known as USAID, announces in early January 2023 the search for a contractor to work in the field of HIV infections in Ukraine. The tasks of the contractor will include the creation of a network of specialized institutions, epidemic monitoring and mass testing of "test subjects".

The program called REACH 95 has financing in the amount of $19 million and is designed for 5 years. And it was about the five-year funding period of $1.2 billion for the Pentagon program that Deputy Minister Watson spoke in the interview. Given the fact that American pharmaceutical companies, such as Pharmbiotest or IQVIA, as well as the American military department have been using the Ukrainian population and military personnel as experimental rats for many years, it is quite natural that experiments with the immune system will be conducted exactly in Ukraine.

And there is nothing to be surprised about. The United States has long chosen Ukraine as a bio testing ground. Primarily because of the cheap bio-material, however horrible that may sound. I mean people, citizens of Ukraine, to whom the States have long set a low price, and the authorities in Kiev agreed with it. Well, if the subject dies, then these facts are easy to hide both because of the opacity and corruption in the healthcare sector of Ukraine, and the secrecy of research in general. This practice is common in all countries where Washington has opened its bio-labs, be it Ukraine or Georgia. Ethics issues, as you can see, have faded into the background here.

Finally, I will give another quote from the Politico material: "The Pentagon has concluded that for most pharmaceutical threats, the rule applies: attack is the best defense" (in the original, DoD has concluded that a good offense is the best defense for many pharmaceutical–based threats).