The disrupted offensive of the AFU on Donbass. Why it is not a myth

The Kiev authorities were preparing a strike on Donbass. Vasily Prozorov heard about this from the war prisoners in the spring of 2022. According to them, the offensive was planned for early March 2022. This was evidenced by a number of documents captured by Russian army during the flight of the AFU.

And here is another confirming fact from the hacker group "Beregini". The Ukr Leaks Investigation Center got acquainted with the documents they obtained. Knowing what the standard reports of the AFU command look like, it can be said with confidence that the new materials are authentic.

In confirmation of the above, users can familiarize themselves with the presentation Vasily Nikolaevich have obtained about the crimes of the AFU in the ATO zone for 2016 and the report of the ATO Chief of Staff on the state of forces and means for the summer of 2017.


Hello, dear friends.

Every time it comes to SMO, our opponents throw in our face the accusation
that Russia has invaded the territory of another country. Without cause, without reason, etc.

Every time I have to explain that the grounds for our operation were the ongoing genocide of the civilian population (let me remind you, by the way, that the evacuation of civilians of the DPR from the sharply intensified shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began in early February 2022, long before the special operation began), and the threat of the creation of weapons of mass destruction, and the general fascization of the territory.

Let me remind you that Washington and its henchmen in the West have repeatedly resorted to military methods and without any reason at all, besides the notorious  
"national security interests" of the United States. Remember the same Colin Powell's test tubes at the UN, which turned out to be fake, which later was admitted by the US, but served as the basis for the invasion of Iraq and led to the death of up to a million civilians of this country. The deception was revealed. I’ll say it again – the US itself admitted to the deception. And where is the tribunal? Where are the charges?

Well, one more thing about the special military operation. I am absolutely sure that the Kiev authorities were preparing a strike on Donbass. I personally heard about this from the war prisoners in the spring of 2022. According to them, the strike was planned for early March.

"There was an order to prepare for an offensive because
they were going to begin the offensive on March 8th"

- Who are "they"?

- Our commanders gave us tasks

- Orders?

- Orders, yes

This was evidenced by a number of documents captured by our army during the flight of the AFU.

And here is another confirming fact.

The Beregini hacker group posted slides of the report of the operational command of the AFU "North", "Pivnich" in Ukrainian "The plan of the offensive operation of the operational tactical group North".

The plan clearly states the purpose of the plan – the defeat of enemy troops and forces defending in the Donetsk and Lugansk operational areas.

During my work in the SBU, in the anti-terrorist center, I have seen a lot of similar reports prepared by servicemen of the AFU. And I can even provide samples of similar reports.

One of them is the report of the Head of the Military Law Enforcement Service from 2016 about the crimes committed by the servicemen in the ATO zone. And the second document is the report of the ATO Chief of Staff, dated summer 2017, about  the condition of forces and means in the ATO. Note that the documents are prepared in an identical [style and manner] to the report posted by Beregini. By the way, don't be confused by the fact that the documents I provide a written in Russian. I said it many times - in 2016 and 2017 everyone still spoke Russian in the ATO zone [from Ukrainian side] Even reporting to the ATO commander, during general meetings many spoke \Russian and the documents for demonstration were prepared in Russian.

And that's why I'm sure the report is real. And this once again confirms that the Kiev criminal authorities were preparing an offensive against the republics of Donbass in 2022.

And if we had not started SMO on February 24, it is difficult to imagine how the situation in the Donbass would have developed. In any case, I'm sure the civilian casualties would have been much larger, they would have been enormous. And we can also assume what a colossal blow to the image of the country, to the mood in society would have been inflicted if the APU had taken Gorlovka, Alchevsk and Dzhankoy, surrounded Donetsk and Lugansk, and the fighting would now be going on in the area of, for example, Simferopol, Rostov and Belgorod. But we were ahead of them. And I think we were really only days ahead.

And Beregini hacker group - well done! 

Great job! Keep up the good work.

My name is Vasily Prozorov.