Article 16 of the Constitution of Ukraine states that the preservation of the gene pool of the Ukrainian people is the responsibility of the state. However, in reality, the Kiev authorities are rapidly destroying it, and futile attempts to preserve it are being undertaken by foreign human rights organizations that pursue their own selfish interests. How Ukraine is destroying its nation for the sake of European "colleagues" will be discussed in this article.

Back in 2016, the world's leading media drew attention to the problem of "live traffic" of Ukrainians. Initially, this topic was written about on the website of the Atlantic Council.

And then it was picked up by other world media.

The article stated that Ukraine remains one of the most important sources of human trafficking in Europe. In 2015, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimated that in Ukraine since 1991, more than 160,000 men, women and children have been exploited for labor, sex, forced begging and organ removal.

 The whole situation was closely monitored by the United States, and they even promised to solve the problematic issue by providing funding. The State Department noted with concern the reduction in the number of prosecutions of traffickers, as well as "poor coordination at the national level" between the fifteen ministries responsible for combating human trafficking. However, this problem was not only not solved, but, on the contrary, the "semi-official" pipeline of selling Ukrainian children abroad began to develop actively. And, of course, Western countries have succeeded in this. Why "semi-official?" Because the legislation could not clearly regulate all aspects of surrogacy and attempts to fully legalize it were made in January 2022.

Surrogacy actively began to flourish in Ukraine 8-10 years ago. It is also allowed in Russia, but here the system is much more clearly regulated and recently there has been a law banning surrogacy for foreigners. In Ukraine, surrogacy is a cheap business selling children to families from other countries. The Europeans realized that Ukraine is a poor country in which a surrogate mother is ready to carry a child for almost nothing.

And first of all, the main "incubator" for European families is the infamous Biotex company (BioTexCom). It was created by a Moldavian with German citizenship Albert Tochilovsky. Tochilovsky, as journalists found out, initially founded a company that was also engaged in surrogacy - Biotex, based in Moldova. However, surrogacy was prohibited there. He also worked under the name Albert Mann. After he was exposed by journalists, the company ceased its activities. But a few months later, in 2010, a Biotexcom was opened in Kiev. The email address used by the new company was the same as that of the previous Moldovan company. Now, not "Albert Mann" was registered as the managing director, but: Albert Tochilovsky. The fact that it was the same person is evidenced by a video secretly filmed by investigative journalists during a meeting with "Albert Mann".

It is worth noting that Albert Tochilovsky and the head physician of the clinic in July 2018 in Ukraine were charged with human trafficking, forgery of official documents and tax evasion on a particularly large scale. But the trial never got off the ground.

And one of the reasons for the start of the proceedings was the case when an Italian couple could not issue documents in their country for a child brought from Ukraine, since a DNA test did not confirm their relationship. In fact, Ukrainian women handed over their children to foreigners for money.

 Ukrainians themselves also consider surrogacy to be a huge problem. The loud statement of the former Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko that "Ukraine is selling children" did not change the situation. According to him, thousands of children have been taken abroad from Ukraine, many of whom have no genetic connection with their parents.

The main supplier of children to Europe. from Ukraine is the aforementioned company "BioTexСom". There are, of course, other companies. For example, the company "I am Mom", created 9 years ago, and which indicates cooperation with 26 countries.

There is also NewLife, whose website immediately lists British and American contacts.

However, another infamous company selling children has become Subrogalia. I attach several headlines with a telling title about their activities:

As indicated in the materials, one of the co-owners of the company was a Spaniard, Jose Maria Il Prados, a pedophile convicted of sexual violence. According to the Ukrainian police, the surrogacy agency traded babies, handing over other people's children to customers, and also deceived potential parents about their capabilities. In an apparent effort to distance itself from the scandal, in 2017, Ukrainian Subrogalia changed its name to Eurosurrogacy, and in Spain, Gestlife appeared instead of Subrogalia. As stated in the article, in 2018, the Ukrainian police launched an investigation against BioTexCom, a partner of Eurosurrogacy. BioTexCom, already at that time was one of the largest IVF clinic networks in the world, providing services to approximately 95 percent of Spanish Eurosurrogacy clients.

The Security Service of Ukraine stated that they had found evidence confirming violations committed by the Spanish pedophile's company, but it was unclear when a criminal case would be initiated.

 "BioTexCom", as it turned out from the above material, is involved in all questionable transactions around the sale of children. The official website of the company is fully adapted to foreign clients and it is quite problematic to find information for Ukrainians. Prices are right away listed in euros. The company has two websites. One is more poor-loking in Ukrainian and Russian. The second, more informative, is adapted for foreign buyers. It is no longer possible to switch to Russian or Ukrainian on it — there are simply no language options.

The website proudly states that over the past 6 months, 434 families from all over the world have become happy parents thanks to BioTexCom. Even in wartime, couples with fertility problems from Europe, Asia and America successfully undergo surrogacy programs at the BioTexCom center in Kiev.

The clinic works non-stop and, in addition, opens new offices. For the majority of citizens of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England and other countries, Ukraine has become a place for legal implementation of such programs as surrogacy and egg donation.

Surrogate mothers in this company are not considered people. This is evidenced not only by their personal stories indicated in the investigation, but also by their description on the website. They are all like a toy from an online store that has its own specific number. The future surrogate mother can be virtually viewed from all sides, and clients can listen to her life story.

According to the women themselves, they are treated extremely terribly.

And positive reviews can simply be bought. There have already been precedents.

After the start of the SMO, Europeans began to worry about what would happen to their children. How to get a child from Ukraine now? In Germany, for example, children began to be simply taken away from refugees and there were as many as 72 such cases in the summer. Germans who have sheltered refugees, report to the police about the mistreatment of Ukrainians of their children, after which the children are seized.

However, the specialists of the BioTexCom company immediately issued a statement that no European will suffer and will receive their children on time. After all, the money has already been paid. And everything was smooth until the well-established business was hit by the French human rights organization La Manif Pour Tous.

In their video message, the activists stated that the Ukrainian surrogacy agency BIOTEXCOM is conducting a scandalous advertising campaign, indicating the scale of international trafficking in infants. The agency dares to take advantage of difficult circumstances to release an "advertising" video showing mothers and children held in the basement. Human rights activists claim that mothers are subject to huge fines for any misconduct, all possible sanitary and epidemiological norms are violated, no one cares about them and the main goal is to transfer the child to a foreign parent, making a profit for it.

Activists have launched a petition to ban surrogacy, which was signed by more than 27 thousand people in France.

But this is not the only blow that the clinic and Ukraine as a whole received from the Europeans. In April 2023, through the joint efforts of German, Ukrainian and Polish journalists, a large investigation was published under the loud name "Kiev Children Factory".

A team of reporters talked to a dozen clients from different countries and came to disappointing conclusions. A huge number of mistakes — the disappearance of embryos, DNA mismatch with potential parents, as well as regular serious diseases of surrogate mothers as a result of too aggressive hormonal treatment.

 One of the surrogate mothers, Tatiana Shulzhinskaya, says that representatives of BioTexCom implanted four embryos in her, and when all four took root, they killed two with a syringe with an incomprehensible poisonous substance – only two had to survive. But the main problem was the following: after the twins were born, Biotexcom did not continue treatment, and the dead embryos were removed from her uterus too late, which led to inflammation. The medical record confirms her stories: Shulzhinskaya had her ovaries and uterus removed, she contracted hepatitis C and has many health problems. She has not received any compensation from the company. But the story doesn't end there either. A German couple who "ordered" children from Shulzhinskaya after a while receives a letter stating that both children, according to the results of a DNA test, have no family ties with their parents.

Another case which is described in the article: an American couple who decided to become parents with the help of BioTexCom services sent eggs to Kiev, and later learned that their embryos were implanted in an Italian family. The couple contacted Interpol, but the investigation has so far yielded no results. Now there is a child in Italy who has no genetic connection with his parents. And genetically related people live in the USA. A similar case occurred with another German family.

 There is a person in Sydney who has heard about such incidents more than once. His name is Sam Everingham. He founded the Growing Families consulting firm about a decade ago after he and his wife had a bad surrogacy experience. According to him, oddities are constantly happening at BioTexCom, indicating that the company often sold Ukrainian babies.

Yuri Kovalchuk, a former prosecutor who tried to stop the sale of children abroad after threats from Albert Tochilovsky (head of BioTexCom) was dismissed from service, and four of his employees were suspended from the case and transferred to another job. The investigative Commission suspended him from the investigation. The reason: more than 100 complaints were filed from influential Ukrainians about his investigative activities in this case, including from members of parliament who were allegedly familiar with Tochilovsky. In 2018, when the process was still ongoing, the Parliament decided to change the law regulating surrogacy. Tochilovsky then openly advocated for change. Up to this point , the Criminal Code of Ukraine read: human trafficking can also be considered cases when a person is not sold directly, but is exported from the country "within the framework of another illegal business agreement." The vote in Parliament led to the fact that this proposal was excluded from the law. Investigator Kovalchuk is convinced that the founder of Biotexcom has influential friends in parliament who, in his opinion, lobbied for a change in the law.

  It turns out that surrogacy is an established business in Ukraine, which is approved at the highest state level. It is run by German citizen Albert Tochilovsky. He is covered by politicians who probably profit from the sale of every Ukrainian child.

This is indirectly evidenced by the following information. In March 2016, the personal email account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, was hacked as a result of a phishing attack. WikiLeaks published his emails in November 2016. Supporters of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory claimed that the emails contained coded messages that linked several high-ranking officials of the US Democratic Party to an alleged network of human trafficking and child sex. It was suggested that there is a whole network for the sale of children to pedophiles. One of the establishments allegedly involved in this was the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington, DC. Moreover, conspiracy theorists believed that Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk was involved in the scheme. The main information is that Pinchuk used the program "Art in Embassies" to transport children from Ukraine from his own fund for the support of newborn children "Cradle of Hope". The theory is very dubious, but rumors are not born out of nothing.

In addition, once again Ukraine is mentioned in the following context: "Babies are taken for organs by those who are engaged in the sale of baby body parts. For a similar purpose, late-term abortions are encouraged in Ukraine. Organs and bones taken from infants are also split into stem cells for sale on the world market. Ukraine is a leading seller of stem cells."

I urge my subscribers who have access to Ukrainian services to create a petition demanding to close the BioTexCom company and ban surrogacy in Ukraine. Only together we can achieve justice.

Unfortunately, I did not receive support in this matter from various human rights organizations to which I applied. And the only one who answered me did not want to cooperate for political reasons.